The Make a Dent Foundation  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that  exists to inspire dreams and cultivate a love of lifelong learning.   Click below to learn more about each of our three strategic priorities that enable us to achieve our mission.

Leadership Development

Leadership is about finding the ways in which each of us uniquely contribute to our strengths and assets for the betterment of our lives, careers and communities. Richard and DeEtta regularly offer presentations and coaching to students and professional groups on overcoming real and perceived barriers and positioning oneself for leadership.

Skills Training

It is our belief that skill development is something that should be an ongoing investment of every human, that we are all learning beings. We are working with and seeking collaborative relationships with organizations to identify and place college students and working adults to gain practical experience and develop skills.

Community Enhancement

The Make a Dent Foundation works with not-for-profit as well as profit organizations to seed innovative sustainability solutions for communities. The Great Lakes Center will prospectively be one example of such a collaboration.
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