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Our History:

The Make a Dent Foundation was formed in 1989 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to funding education for children and  young adults. Founder Richard Dent, 2011 National Football Hall of Fame inductee, began The Make a Dent Foundation to honor the life of his mother, Mary Dent. Although the focus of the Make a Dent Foundation has evolved overtime,  it has always revolved around helping people to reach their full potential and better the communities where they live and work.  DeEtta Jones, the President of Make a Dent Foundation has been involved since 2009.

The Make a Dent scholarship was established at Columbia College of Chicago in order to increase educational opportunities for less advantaged students, specifically in the area of Sports Management. This scholarship provides up to $5,000 per year to recognize a Sports Management student who has demonstrated exceptional academic credentials and financial need.

Where We’re Going:

In 2013, The Make a Dent Foundation developed a strategic plan which will broaden our mission to offer a helping hand to the community. Our new mission, “We exist to inspire dreams and cultivate a love of lifelong learning” is driven by our three core competencies: Leadership, Skills and Development, and Community. Our new mission will launch with the hope that we can continue to help young people reach their full potential, now through more hands-on methods.

How We Plan to Get There:

Along with keeping our scholarship commitment to Columbia, The Make a Dent Foundation now plans to develop and fund skills and job training programs, that will help advance one’s education in the following areas:

1.)    Finance
2.)    Information Technology
3.)    Smart Energy Technology

These training programs will provide a practical approach to developing necessary skills in three of the steady and fastest growing fields on the market.

With the help of future partnerships, the Make a Dent Foundation will provide people with an opportunity to further their education, skills and training, as well as internships and potential job placement upon completion of their program.

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