The Make a Dent Foundation exists to inspire dreams and cultivate a love of lifelong learning.  At the Make a Dent Foundation, the way that we do this is by focusing on what we have identified as 3 Strategic Priorities: Leadership Development, Skills Training and Community Enhancement.

Leadership Development

Leadership is about finding the ways in which each of us uniquely contribute our strengths and assets for the betterment of our lives, careers and communities. Richard and DeEtta regularly offer presentations and coaching to students and professional groups on overcoming real and perceived barriers and positioning oneself for leadership. 
Another way in which The Make a Dent Foundation focuses on leadership development is through sports and entertainment industries. We understand that the sports and entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are many access points for contribution. We, therefore, have a longstanding relationship with Chicago-based Columbia College to provide scholarships to students interested in pursuing a career in Sports Management.


Skills Training

We are working with and seeking collaborative relationships with organizations to identify and place college students and working adults in internships that provide practical experience and development skills. 


Community Enhancement

The Make a Dent Foundation, in conjunction with senior leaders representing a wide variety of industries and sectors, is launching Impact Chicago, a social sustainability collaborative. Typically, communities have relied on the public sector to address community issues.  The role of business has often been solely in the philanthropic realm.  The Make a Dent Foundation believes that the business sector has a vested interest in ensuring sustainable communities which provide customers, employees, and great places to do business.  We also believe that the private sector can be a critical catalyst in bringing together our diverse community systems to create healthy, sustainable communities.

The premise behind Impact Chicago is that local businesses are perfectly positioned as a catalyst for action, able to take on significant initiatives and influence local political and government agencies within and around the city of Chicago. We have brought together the leaders who will be that catalyst for much-needed action. Throughout the year, Make a Dent will facilitate a series of Sponsor-led activities that includes data gathering and analysis, action planning, identifying metrics and reporting on progress toward targeted community enhancing goals. A Social Sustainability Executive Forum and Make a Dent Foundation Golf Tournament, in September, is the annual culminating event.

If you are a corporation or another nonprofit interested in becoming a sponsor for Impact Chicago or would like to participate in the Social Sustainability Executive Forum, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.   

If you want to make sure you’re contributing to a cause that is worthwhile, if our stories or mission have sung to you, please donate now.  

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