Alumni Quotes

Brian Marshall, Make a Dent Foundation Alumnus
1426204_10100636569297021_1559486022_n“Winning the Make a Dent scholarship was a dream come true. Not only was I a huge fan of Richard Dent, but I was also looking to work in the sports industry after college, and with the help of the scholarship, I was able to pursue this dream. After graduating, I was offered a full-time job with Adidas’ Internal Marketing Agency as the Marketing Coordinator for the Central Region. After four years there, I accepted a position with an international marketing agency, where I work helping to develop our EMEA office across Europe and Asia with clients such as Nike, the NBA, Manchester United and Beats by Dre.”



Andy Riesch, Make a Dent Foundation Alumnus
Andrew-Riesch“As a result of The Make a Dent Foundation scholarship, I was able to develop valuable leadership and management skills. When I was applying for the scholarship, I was inspired by their mission statement because it was greater than just a financial benefit. I believe anytime you get an award for hard-work and helping others, such as I did with Make a Dent, it is inevitable that you pass that along. I was motivated to develop an internship, probono, for one of my favorite professors, who also owned a sports management company. This experience gave me the skill set and confidence to create a new department in my current job in advertising sales. This can all be traced back to the wishes and the experience I had being a part of the Make a Dent foundation.


Katherine Lewis, Make a Dent Foundation Scholarship Alumnus, reflects on her time as a Make a Dent Foundation intern
Katherine-Lewis“After receiving the scholarship, I was given the opportunity to complete an internship with The Make a Dent Foundation. During this time, I continued to develop my repertoire of leadership skill, most notably with communication, confidence and commitment. Although I have many fond memories of my time with The Make a Dent Foundation, there is one memory that sticks with me to this day. It was a normal Wednesday in the office, and just as I was ready to unpack my lunch, Richard came out from his office and asked me if I wanted to join him for lunch. Over lunch Richard left me with some words of wisdom. After asking me what my goals were he stressed to me that it’s important to “always have a voice.” Having goals and ideas doesn’t matter if you don’t voice them. The people who can help you achieve those goals must know you exist, so put your stake in the ground so that people will know you’re there, and then your success can come. I often remember this conversation when I come up with a new goal or idea that I want to achieve.”


80% of our program alumni feel the scholarship they received was critical to them achieving their dreams.


100% of our alumni feel inspired to be an active member in their communities as a result of their involvement.


100% of our alumni reported that their skills improved.


80% of our alumni feel that their leadership abilities and experience improved.

The Make a Dent Foundation’s intention is that as educated community members, our scholarship recipient alumnus, will be able to not only be contributing members of the communities in which they live and work, but will, we hope, be inspired to likewise, offer help to others in the form of volunteerism or other efforts. When we asked our scholarship alumnus if the opportunities provided by the Make a Dent Foundation scholarship and work of the Make a Dent Foundation has inspired or taught them about community and how we all need to help each other out, their responses made us very proud.  We are very proud to announce 100% of our alumni reported, the Make a Dent Foundation successfully achieved our goal.

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